Insurance Claims

Texas Dry Out & Restoration provides direct insurance billing as a benefit for all our customers.  We have many years of success at managing claims for our customers.  Texas Dry Out & Restoration's documentation process and knowledge of insurance claims enables our customers to focus on getting back to their daily lives instead of the details of their water loss.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Water damage, mold and flood events are some of the most common reasons that people make claims on their homeowners insurance.

When a sudden or unexpected event occurs resulting in the flooding of your home, your homeowners' insurance will most likely cover the water damage clean-up, dry out, and restoration.  While each insurance company has different policies, terms, and conditions, most policies cover water intrusion as a "covered peril."  Common flooding events include frozen and/or broken pipes, plumbing malfunctions, washing machine or dishwasher malfunctions, and leaking roofs due to storm damages from hail and wind. 

It's important to fully understand your policy.  Our mitigation specialists can help you determine whether your damages fall under your insurance coverages.

Experience is critical in determining the extent of a water damage event.  Texas Dry Out & Restoration has expert knowledge of proper restoration techniques.  Our estimators carefully document the extent of your water damages, including a photographic inventory of all damaged materials and personal possessions, and prepare a line by line estimate of damages for submission to your insurance carrier.

Texas Dry Out & Restoration will prepare and submit the estimate for your claim on your behalf.  We explain the process and inform you of your options at each step in the process - working toward putting your home together as if the loss never occurred.  Take advantage of our training and experience to get you back to normal life.